Happily Ever After

I’m back.  This year and a bit has been a brutal one.  Maybe I’ll eventually get around to blogging it but I’m back and hope to began writing again.  🙂

I always thought that once I got married that I would have my happily every after.  I felt like I had learned so much coming from a dysfunctional family and if I married a prince then my happily ever after was bound to happen.  I feel like we as a society feed this to young girls as they watch Cinderella (I know there are other movies there but I can’t think of any more right now) where the girl and boy find each other and they live happily ever after.  I admit I was foolish, I really did think that happily ever after was a reality.

I know I have your attention, well least Sanj’s as he is wondering WHAT I am going to say next! lol  Here’s the reality… as I am almost fifty (in 249 days ) the reality of life is something that just slaps you across the face.  I remember the 30s being about motherhood to babes to school age kids.  It was about the lack of sleep.  It was about lunches, homework and teaching the children to read, ride a bike, skate, ski, getting to the team sports…. the 30s was about realizing that it was all about family and sometimes you got lost.

Then there was the 40s… I think this decade is one that is a bit harder.  As children grow up and find their own personalities and lives with friends, we have more time to seek who we are or who we have become.  I think that this is where couples re-emerge.  It seems to be the time where couples seem to divorce or split.  Not always, of course. It seems to be the time that with children not there constantly to keep life a blur (in a good way), it gives time to focus that what may have been a pause or a slow speed forward.  Do you know what I mean?

I will admit that it has surprised me how many couples have split in this period.  It is shocking how much was not obvious, such as cheating, abuse or countless other things that break up couples.  There are the couples that are happy and yet life has taken over with bills, debt and the constant drain and worry of fiances.  Or the fact of health that seemed to be taken for granted in the younger years, is suddenly shouting for attention.  Or mental state that takes a shift for reasons that can only be explained by …. therapy or self analyzing … or who knows and meds  ( mine is affectionately called my crazy pill… as in if I forget or don’t take it…I easily become my alter ego and she is scary).

Here’s my point in this post… I wish I knew that life is full of stuff in my early years.  I wish I understood Cinderella was going to have days were she was not a princess and the reality was that seemed to be lost to her.   You can marry your prince charming and still life will still throw curve balls.  There is so much that this sinful world can throw at us.  I wish there was a Cinderella part 2 that shows that life can be beautiful despite all that can be thrown at us.

As I watch my friends, struggling through seperations, divorces, frustrated with the pile of bills that don’t go away, wondering what to do as the vehicle breaks down, again, wishing for a break from life… I think that if we can seek the little bits of happiness… dinner out (means no dishes or cooking), a good book (which allows to escape), a girls night ( which makes us realize we are not allow in this thing called life), or just quiet time (where, if we chose, we can hear God sending us a hug, reassuring us that He’s got us) and focus on those moments maybe that big picture called life wouldn’t be so overwhelming.


Cinderella… she had her every day clothes, scrubbing floors, cooking and doing all those every day things.  The prince came and swept her away for a short time.  Yet even Cinderella went back to reality after midnight.

Guess we need to realize that we all may wish for a different reality at times but it’s so amazing to know that we can seek help with our own “fairy godmother” in heaven where God is always waiting and listening to us His children.

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