24 And Counting…

Today, July 3 is the day Sanj and I said,”I do” 24 years ago!  I am not sure Sanj really knew what he was getting into when he said those fateful words, well I am actually 100% sure he did not as I have change so much!

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As I continue to work on my book, I have been reading through my journals, the ones I still have and OH MY GOODNESS I had it bad for this guy! (I am talking about Sanj)!   My journals are filled with pleading, whining, begging God to please let me have him as my everything.  I can only imagine God looking down at me chuckling, telling me to be patient, which I obviously did not hear!

Every year I post something about us, on our anniversary and this man that I love to pieces.  This year something happened.  As my mom was dying, as I went to stay with her those many weeks, Sanj and I changed.  I can’t explain it except to say that you may always realize you love someone, and yet when that person is not in your space, you realize something.  I realized how much I depend on him, physically to hold me when I am sad or happy or mad or scared.   I depend on him emotionally, when I am crazy in a good, happy hyper way, or in a low, I’m struggling so function way or just tell me I am loved and cherished when I need it.  He holds me spiritually especially when I was away and thought I was going to break, he held me accountable, through his words yet often through his music.  He often trying to hold my words before they come out… trying to be my filter, mostly unsuccessfully.  We found a new us during our time away.  It made us strong, more in love, more dependent, appreciative that our love is a gift that God bless us with.

I am going to end with 25 reasons I love you, Sanj… 24+ 1 year looking ahead…

  1. I love you for your Type A, do it 100% of the way because as much as I find it irrating often enough, I know that you are in this marriage 100%.  You are stuck with me, till death do us part.
  2. I have your gift of music.  It is such a blessing to hear you playing and/or singing that is often church for you.  It is a way that I often feel God’s love and reassurance.
  3. I love your love for family.  If you love someone, you love them all in.  If you dislike someone… oh dear!
  4. I love your dedication and commitment to take care of us, all 8 of us!  I am sure we had no idea what this entailed and yet you make sure that we have all we need and often all we want.
  5. I love how you are my opposite in EVERY WAY and find ways to let it compliment our relationship, even if it drives you crazy.
  6. I love how you protect me.  I know with you I am safe.
  7. I love you for the family we are blessed with.  What a ride we are on with these boys of ours!
  8. I love how you spoil me.  No pressure.  🙂  I know if I want it, you’ll find a way to make it happen.
  9. I love you for giving up your side of the bed, knowing  I feel safer.  (Sanj has had his side of the bed for 24 years.  He didn’t think twice, OK maybe once before he offered it upon discovering I slept better on that side of the bed. PTSD).
  10. I love how you make a list in your head for the day and polite reshuffle when I throw a monkey wrench into that list.
  11. I love how you support my dreams, even when they change rather rapidly.
  12. I love how you believe in me when I don’t believe in myself.
  13. I love you for freezing at night when I am hot and need the room cold, very cold.
  14. I love you for letting me love my birthday!!! I love you for helping me celebrate in whatever craziness that comes to mind that year!
  15. I love you for pretending you hate my romantic comedies and what them with me.
  16. I love you for stoping at McD for my Diet Coke (they have the best).
  17. I love you for filling gas in a vehicle that I have run dry.
  18. I love you for holding down the fort as I pursue dreams that have me traveling.
  19. I love you so much for taking my hurts and making them yours, always trying to kiss them better.
  20. I love you for never giving up on me when I was sick, scared and so not me, and loving me through it.
  21. I love you for the way you make me laugh, especially when you are recording your harmonies!
  22. I love your laugh, the belly one!
  23. I love you for letting us eating in your car and counting to 10 when we spill!
  24. How did I get to 24 already… I love you for all the things I can’t begin to list as my list has to stop at 25!
  25. I love you, Jesus so much for blessing me with this amazing being that I get to call my husband, father of my crazy boys, my best friend and life partner.  Thank you, Jesus for Sanj.




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