Flying High…

Over the years I have always been afraid to try new things for the simple fear of failing or being made fun of.  Ok, yes a lot of these fears are from my school days yet that fear of failure really has had a hold of me.

I have learned to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!  I mean what’s the worst that will happen?  I have learned to hook a worm on a fishing line simply because I did not want my boys to think I was scared because I was a girl.  I have learned to take a fish off the hook (ok, I do use a glove but… still).  I have learned to not scream at the sight of a snake, though rodents I can’t help but scream like a banshie, same goes for bats!!!  I have waded through the grossness of garbage that piles up and cleaned it when everyone was too busy. I have plunged my share of disgusting toilets clogged by poop that should not be human!  I have walked on that plate of glass way up high in the CN Tower (my heart is pounding remembering this).  I have jumped  through waves in the ocean, amidst the fear of sharks, sting rays and tidal waves for my kids (I have a ridiculous fear of tidal waves and water that I can’t see the bottom of clearly).  I rode boats, hanging over the edge throwing up my entire stomach contents as my boys enjoyed fishing. I have become pregnant despite knowing that fear that eats me as I go into labour.  I have…

The point is as I age, I am determined to not let fear rule me.  Becoming a speaker, I may not be the best, but I am doing it!  The best way to get me to do something, especially Sanj, is to dare me! HEHEHE!!!

So… here I am, doing it!


HEHE I know I look ridiculous, it was kinda hard to breathe in there to that is me trying to … This was so scary for me to actually do, so out of my comfort zone!!! BUT… I did  it!!!


This was my Max… doing much better and me in the back, mouth open! lol

IFTRT_WTB_20180715_015_29I love this one!  OK, I am flying because the instructor is (for $10 extra) taking me up there but holy moly, I did it!  I also love Sanj in the background, smiling!  Love this guy!

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Philippians 4:13

Yes, that even applies to!


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