The Weekend…

This weekend Sanj and I were in Toronto with some folks he worked with from Collingwood.
Every Christmas we join them for their office party.  They spoil their staff every year.
This year it was an overnight stay at the Toronto  Sheraton, dinner at a delicious restaurant and then tickets to see the Sound of Music.

Every year we go through the stress of what we will do with the kids.  This year we left them with our babysitter.  I love this girl!  Not only is she gorgeous, she is so capable.  I came home to a house that was tidy, the boys were clean and all was good.  Bingo.  Why is their family now moving?  🙁

My only concern (but not really) was every time I asked what they ate, they would answer cookies or cookie dough! lol

I had a scrumptious dinner (at  Red Tomato/ Fred’s Not Here).  Roasted Filet of Sole w/ Grana Padano Garlic Sauce was my dinner entree.   It really was one of the best fish I have eaten. Simply and yet very tasty!!!  It was served with tiny fries and sweet potatoes fries and asparagus.  It is my goal to recreate it this week…. or at least attempt too.

Sound of Music… fabulous!!!  I loved it, again!

A night with my hubby was icing on the cake!

We did a bit of Christmas shopping and then it was back to reality.
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