I have promised myself that I will live in the moment.
So often I would think that when the boys are at this phase in life then I will….
Or when I have enough money, then I will…

The thing about Sanj’s clinic is that you meet amazing people.
The thing that so many keep saying is
“Enjoy it… it goes so fast.”

So… I decided that I will not focus on tomorrow… 
because really which of us are promised tomorrow, right?
I will focus on loving my family today.

Suddenly I am realizing that time is passing real fast.

As I shopped today for clothes for some of the boys, I was feeling distress that  my Max is wearing a size 12.  My Zach is in size 8 and my Josh is no longer in the baby/toddler section.

No more babies.  No more onesies, sleepers or little booties.
No more little people toys.  No more chunky books.

It feels weird to pass those sections while I shop.
But now as I live in the moment, 
my little men are into big boy clothes and big boy toys.

Living in the moment means living, loving and and breathing all the blessing and burdens of today.
Today is ours.
Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow is not a given.
Give me the strength I need for today.
Today… Thank you, God, for today.

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