I could tell you about my evening spent fighting with my oldest…
I could tell you about the moodiness that invades his being…
I could tell you I am not even sure how to parent him when he is like this…
I could tell you that I would have had that attitude beat out of me…
I could tell you that I am so torn with love and annoyance toward my not so little man.

It is so tiring. 
I feel like I am getting it so wrong.
I am tired.
He is tired.
Could he just not see how much I love him?

I wonder where that little boy with the Nike cap went? 
Is he in there still?

I could tell you that this part is hard.
I hate feeling frustrated and angry at him.
Yet his rudeness and attitude is so in my face.
I can’t ignore it.

So I keep at it…
I keep correcting…
I keep reprimanding…
I keep trying.

When is it going to end?
When is my boy going to run out of his moods?
He will run out of them, right?

Please God… give us both what we need.

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