An Interesting Conversation…

Today I was at the ATV shop checking out some stuff.  The man helping me out was lovely and helpful.

As he is checking me out, he asks me how to say our last name.
“Is that Indian?” he asked.
“Yes,” I told.

“I was just reading about the plight of the women there.  It is rough.”
(I wasn’t sure what exactly he was pinpointing at).
“Arranged marriages… that must be rough for the women.” 
“Is your marriage an arranged one?”

I was standing there thinking, is this for real?
Sometimes (well, really a lot of the time) I forget what color I am… 
so his saying this really confused me for a minute.

“Um, no… I am pretty much born and raised here.” I said.

“Oh, but your mom had an arranged marriage?” he continues.

OK… this is such a weird conversation.

Funny how one can read something and assert their stereotypes and generalities.
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