Goodbye Sexy!

This is a totally nothing blog but since I have been thinking of it, I am blogging it.
Sexy.. what is the definition of sexy? says  “Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. 2. Slang Highly appealing or interesting; attractive…”

I am the kind of girl that wishes I could be sexy… not in a sexual desire kind of way but rather in a sultry, beautiful womanly way.

I am forever starring at women that are all decked out, hair and makeup done to the 9.  They are in dressy clothes (that means NO JEANS)!  Even their jeans are dressy!  They have the most amazing shoes that just make the whole thing perfect.

Usually the shoes they are wearing are ridiculous heels!  Gorgeous boots and shoes with these heels that could be a major weapon.  I wonder HOW DO THEY WALK IN THOSE SHOES ALL DAY?

I want to be one of those women.  That look is inside me.  I am sure of it.
So I decide to embrace that inner me.
Come on out… Sexy Reema.

Here is the thing… it doesn’t matter if I buy cheapie sexy shoes or expensive sexy shoes…
I am scared that I am going to break a leg. (And not in the good way)!

I put a pair of brown suede boots on one day and went to work.  (I was trying to impress the boss).   It was the only shoes I had with me.   I was lame the rest of the week.  It hurt so bad to be in those all day!

So… I have decided that it is time to bury that image of the sexy me.
I am really more of a cute me.
The cute me can’t wait to wear jeans… but doesn’t mind switching it up every once in a while.  The cute me loves a pony tail as much as letting it loose.
The cute me is all about comfort.  
I am not a heel gal.  I wish I was but I am not.  Flats, boots with a little wedge is all I can parade around in all day.

So I am embracing the true me in my 40s.  Finally.  I am sure my feet and other parts will thank me.

So long Sexy.

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