Puppy Love

There is so much that I have going through my head.  I was the kind of kid that had lots of crushes on boys.  But they lived in my head.  I never really knew of a boy liking me when I was younger.  So my crushes were harmless.

I also know that you can’t stop those feelings.  Feelings are real and I believe meant to be respected.  My boys are getting to the place of liking girls and having their first (I am assuming) crushes.  We have a no dating policy in effect (lol) till they are about 30 year of age.  Groups… it is all about being in groups and being with friends.

Yet when a boy and girl like each other, it is a fact that is there.   I am constantly hearing about my son and his friend.  Everyone seems to call them boyfriend and girlfriend.  Did they not hear of my  no dating policy till 30?

So now while the rules of our family and dating are still in effect… it seems that I am forced to deal with the realities that my son(s) are growing up.  They are way ahead of where I was at this stage of the game.

The reality is their feelings are real.  I can explain love and  the steps… crushes, baby love, first loves…  (are those real steps)?  But I see a boy that is really into a girl.

It scares me.  I feel I have no control to keep him from getting hurt.  I told him that hurt is always a possibility when you like someone.  Simply because at this stage… grade 8… it will end.  Someone will be sad.  Someone will be hurt.  And then it will happen all over again at some  point.

So here I sit… praying that baby love is kind to my baby.  I wish I could stop the train or at least slow it down.  I am not prepared for this.  It surprises me  how confident he is and sweet.   I hope that this crush doesn’t crush him. 

I find myself intrigued by this stage of growing up.  In some ways I feel at a loss because there doesn’t seem to be a rule book and it is a place that I am not familiar with.  So I pray.

Please God… be guardian over his heart.  Please let life be kind to him.  He is so sweet.  He is so kind.  He is such a precious gift.  Let life treat him with the gentleness he so deserves.
Help me know how to guide him and teach him of love.  Thank You for Loving us.  Your love is so easy.  

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