A Perfect Day!!!

Oh the weather outside is delightful…
(Yes, Sanj, I know those aren’t the right words…)

It’s snowing…. Yah!

The first hour of my morning was spent arguing over whether or not we should drive to school.
(Sanj drives in any kind of weather. Me… not so much).
Finally I decided, “Fine!  Let’s go.”
We get to two exits, visibility is bad and I am not sure if I am still on the road.

A little angel said, “Go Home.”  
(Thanks Ms. R).
We went home.

And then it was a perfect day.
Of course there is the messy house…
the laundry…
the Christmas stuff to put up…
three kids who have projects to finish…

then there is this moment…
 which is all that is needed for a perfect day!
Double click on the picture to see the most perfect things in my world.

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