A Moment…

This afternoon I tried to sneak up stairs to read my book and maybe get a few minutes of shut eye.
I have been up too late and then up too early!

I am laying there…I may have even dosed off and then I feel bodies around me.
They are following suit and finding a spot to lay down.
I feel an arm draped over me.  I assume it is Josh, as he always fights for the spot beside me.

Then it dawns on me that it’s a bit to heavy to be Josh’s arm.
(Sammy, I warned you to smile…)

As I look, I realize that Sammy is laying beside me and snuggling with intent.
Even when I say how delighted I am, he doesn’t move away.

I loved that.  Who needs a store bought gift when these little presents happen?
(Seriously Sanj, that was just an expression!  Shop away!!!)

There are days I wonder what life would be like without my brood.
Today wasn’t one of them.

I love you, Sammy!
Yes, I love all of you!!!

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