Even Steven

I shop for the boys every year.  I put the presents in various places
and sadly sometimes I forget about them.  This is what happens when I shop to early!
As I am almost done my shop, I lay it all out and make a list of what I have for whom.
It is all about equality… or as close to it as possible.

Some of my boys are so easy to shop for.
Sammy has a never-ending list.
Josh has a never-ending list.

Then there are my four in the middle.
They are the hardest to buy for!!!
They usually don’t know what they want.

Or it is out of the question kind of a present.
Tyler wants a lap top.  Yah right!
Max wants a iPod Touch.  Yah right!
Zach wants a Trick Bike (not available in his size with out custom ordering).
Jordan wants a Canon Rebel.  Yah Right!

Maybe I should tell them My Wish List and see if they can work on that too!

So as I try to think of things that they don’t know they want, it is hard work!

I asked Zach what he wanted for Christmas and he listed various kinds of shoes (he has a shoe fetish), some clothing from his favorite store.  Clothes!
I am just not sure if he really doesn’t want any toys!

Then there is Max.  Again clothes and some video games.

Jordan… I think he is the hardest to buy for!  His interest is in drawing and hockey.
He also likes to build things.  So I am on the lookout…

I am going through the inventory to see who got way too much stuff (no doubt Sammy) and will have to do some returning and evening out.

I do love Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho!
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