Love is…

It’s 11:43 p.m.  Sanj and I went out to dinner with friends and then I went and watched his hockey game.
As I look out of my bathroom window, I see this man, exhausted from shoveling the rink this afternoon for three hours… back out there.

The truck’s headlights are on and shining the light needed for him to flood the rink.
Is that love or what?

This is the kind of father my children have. 
Unfortunately, too many times they don’t appreciate all he does.

Love is braving the  -13 degree weather, untangling the hose and standing there at midnight flooding the rink so the boys will have smooth ice in the morning.
Love is coaching 3+  hockey teams so the boys would have a team to play on.
Love is getting them up, making a fun tradition out of being on the ice for a 7 a.m. practice.
Love is  breaking ones back to teach the youngest to skate and have a love for hockey.
Love is working his butt off to be able to pay for 5 hockey playing sons.
Love is sponsoring a team, making awesome jerseys for the team.
Love is lugging stinky hockey bags, water bottles, jerseys, pucks, sticks,etc week after week to rink after rink.
Love is a hockey dad.
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