The Perfect Gift…

Year after year I look for the perfect gift for the people I love.

I love shopping for Sanj.
I love buying him the perfect gift… something he even didn’t know he wanted!

I often say to him, “I know  you better than you know yourself.” lol

He just left to find my present.
First of all, the fact that he is going now… and not on Christmas Eve tells me he isn’t sure what he is getting.  (hehe)
Really there is nothing I want that is pressing that I wouldn’t go get for myself.
So it means digging real deep to come up with that wow factor.
I am sure he will read this and feel even more stressed. (hehe)

I am going through this with the boys.
Jordan… “The video game I want is called _____.”  
Me… “Is that all you want?”
Jordan… “No…”
Me… “Then what else?”
Jordan…. (Laughing….) “I don’t know!”
Me… “Well if you don’t know… how am I supposed to know???”

I wish I could be the real Santa.  How fun would it be to give each one their perfect gift?

Unfortunately for Sanj, he already gave me some pretty awesome stuff.
But he is very creative and resourceful… so  I believe he will come through.

One of my favorite gifts he gave me was for my birthday one year.
He flew one of my  dearest girlfriends for a visit.
It was such a great time and a GREAT gift!

But of course none of this is the reason for the season, is it?
But I am sure Jesus does smile down at us as we take joy in the gift of giving. 

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