I Love Hockey…

Hockey… it is a word that takes over our lives.  The boys live it, breathe it, and sleep it.  Nothing but ice and net. 

The thing about hockey and having a rink in the back yard is that it is a unifying thing for the boys.
They all play.  They play together.  They work it out on the ice. They fight it out on the ice. They are brothers on the ice.

I was watching two of my boys, who fight like the dickens, playing together actually having fun.

Aw… it does my heart good.

This weekend Sanj put Josh on skates and had him up.

“I love hockey,” he says looking at me with a grin that said it all.

Thank you God, for the rink.  Thank you for the passion my boys have for all things hockey.
Thank you for the bonus that they sleep so good after the cold air and working it out on the ice!
I love hockey!

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