I was home with the 2 youngest boys.  A rarity on the weekend. Sanj was off doing the hockey thing.

I had so much I wanted to accomplish.  I felt motivated and good.
Then the phone rang.
It’s long distance.

I answered to hear the voice of a cherished friend.
She stayed home from church.
We talked.  And talked.  And talked.
3 hours later we said bye.

It was so good.
It was just what I needed.
There is something about a friend who can finish your sentences.
There is something about a friend who knows something is wrong or right before a hello.
There is something about a friend who doesn’t require maintenance.
There is something about those friendships that last the test of time and distance.

I am blessed to have those kinds of friends.
She has all boys too.
We were talking about what happens if our daughter-in-laws didn’t like us.
(Hard to imagine… I know! lol)
We were talking about the difference with daughters and mothers.

Suddenly I realized that it was all OK… because we would have each other.
I am not sure where our husbands are in this phase of life.
We have always talked about our rocking chair days… we know we will be together…
reminiscing… my girlfriends and I.

I guess maybe our husbands are dead. 
Or maybe golfing.
I am never sure.
This disturbs Sanj a bit.

Friends… good friends … they make my world go around.

Obviously the picture has nothing to do with this blog… but he sure is a cutie… and I love mozzarella sticks!

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