Tick Tock…

I am blogging… (this is my 700th blog… wahoo!)… yet I should be doing a million other things…
  • sorting through the presents making sure who has what and who needs what…
  • wrapping some of the presents so it isn’t an overwhelming task.
  • bathrooms needs  cleaning…
  • keep up with the laundry…
  • pay some bills… yuck…
  • clean up the morning rush
  • put up some Christmas stuff

Yet I am blogging.
I need to write.  I am thinking it is just as therapeutic as my white pill.
I started to look into writing (such as a book, magazines, etc.) for more than a hobby.
I was so excited.
Then I heard that Oprah was ending her show.
OK… for those of you that don’t really know me… yes, I am weird and crazy.
Probably certifiably.
Here’s the thing… I always dreamt of writing a book and it being on Oprah’s book list.
It is/was so tied into my dream.
I would be on her show.  I would be able to thank her for helping me understand the things that were happening in my life… such as the meaning of battered women, abuse etc.
It would so awesome.
I would take my brother.
I would take my family.
What would I wear?
Weird?  Yes… I know!!!
But truth be told, it sort of crippled  me.
My editor friend told me to stop saying “I want to be a writer.”
She said…”You already are a writer.”
Yet the steps from there are overwhelming me.
Step #1 Increase the readership of my blog.
I admit, I don’t know how to do this.
Most people don’t read my blog.  They read me on Facebook.
My blog (www.sukumaranville.blogspot.com) has a counter that isn’t working.
Most don’t comment on the blog. Again the comments are usually via Facebook and email.
So I am stuck at how do I increase readership?
There are other steps but I guess I got stuck at this one.
As I am sitting back re-reading the Tips for Reema, 
I have to pause.
Tip #8… Join a writers group, take a course, read books on writing, but don’t get discouraged.  Remember, you’re already a writer-  you don’t just WANT to write, you DO write, and you have the discipline AND interesting material AND the knack of getting your thoughts out in a logical way, all of which most would -be writers lack.
(Taken from Tips for Reema by Barbara K. (editor)
Sheesh!  So where do I go from here?
God, please help me not to be my typical self and get discouraged and give up.
Could You please guide me?
Show me (loudly) how to move from this place.
My being is screaming out that this is for me.
I believe this to be Your will for me too.
So… if so… please help me.
Show me how to increase readership.
Show me Your will.
(Loudly, if possible).

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