Real or Fake?

Tonight we went and got our tree!  It is something I look forward to every year.  I love looking for the biggest and best tree.

Every year, this is a night that Sanj becomes a grinch.  Jim Carrey has nothing on him.  The Scrooge just invades his soul.  He hates the whole getting of the tree.

We got a fake one a few years ago.  I hated it.  It really is a beautiful tree.  The last few years it has brought Christmas Cheer to those that walk into Sanj’s clinic.

There is something about a REAL tree!

Yet… if it makes my dear one so miserable… and I mean real miserable, is it worth it?
Maybe this is only really important to me.

Half the boys stayed in the van (there  was wet snow coming down), Sanj sat in the truck… till I made him come out.  Why bother?

So… I think this is the last year for a real tree.  Sigh.

It is just a small part of Christmas, isn’t it?

Guess I will have to find the biggest and best in the world of artificial trees.
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