We just got back from seeing The Blind Side… Loved it!  I left feeling so grateful that there are people in this world who can simply see a person… not their colour, pay check or status.

I love the lady in this movie.  She was so inspiring. I loved that she just listened to her heart.

We grew up with a lot of things against us.  But today, I am grateful to know that all those obstacles were overcome by loving people like the Touhys… who listen to God’s nudges.  We had love showered to us by lovely people that didn’t ask why my dad did….  but rather just looked at what needed to be done and did it.

I have blogged about my home ec teacher and family who did this one Christmas and took my mom grocery shopping and bought us gifts.  (I didn’t even know we were short on food).

There is the time, one of many acts of kindness, that my dearest friend’s dad came to rescue.
I was driving home from university with some girls, in my little Ford Escort wagon… we were almost home to Dayton.  I was on I-75 in the midst of rush hour.  Putt Putt Putt… went my little wagon.

This was one of my many experiences of a vehicle I was driving leaving me stuck.  But this time, it was different.  I felt a sence of relief as I knew I was just a short distance from home.  At least my dad could come and rescue me.

I guess I walked someplace (not sure how that all occurred… no cell phones back then).  I know I called home and my dad was annoyed.  Not sure why, since he did give me this vehicle to get back and forth.

I just know I was mortified to have to tell everyone in the car that my dad wasn’t coming.
My girlfriend must have called her dad (it is all a blur to me) who came to the rescue.

Not only did he come to the rescue, but went back with her brother to tow my car home.
I always wondered if my dad was not embarrassed  to come out and chat as another dad did what he should have done.

I never forgot this act of kindness.  It was not a little thing to come and tow my vehicle.
He never asked me any questions… just did what needed to be done.  I love this man.
I know he was/is full of quirks to his family but to me I see this man that I wished my dad could have been like.  He took his responsibilities seriously… he took care of his family.

When I was in university, my brother wanted to play basketball at the school.  I think the practice must have been on the weekend.  My father said sure my brother could go but he had to find his own ride.

We lived across town, literally on the wrong side of the tracks.  This man, just a kind man, decided that it was important for my brother to be there and drove all the way to our house, back to the school and then back to our house and then home (his house was right behind the school.)

None of these people had to do the things they did.  Yet they did.  How much our lives were change by many acts of kindness.  

Pay it forward.  It is what I have strived to do.  It is all I can do, aside from thanking God for looking out for us… for putting people in our path to keep us moving forward.
So… I look for ways to touch someone’s life.  I don’t ask the questions.  You have to do it for the kids.  Sometimes, kids have no choice with the parents they have.

Sometimes you just have to do it for someone… they may just need a break.
Only God can be the judge.  Listen to your heart.  It’s usually a nudge.

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