I got a message from a friend that was from my university days…
It said, “Have you heard about Trevor?”

Immediately I had a sense that it was not good news.
Trevor is a pilot for United Airlines…
While I pondered a second that perhaps he could have gotten married, I knew it was a fear I had in regards to flying.

Trevor was a friend of mine that was like a big brother.
He was a pest, full of pranks and jokes and always knew how to get my goat.
He kept an eye out.  Never said too much, but let it be know when I was not going to do something.
He would come and say, “You are not going to that party, right?”
I knew I wasn’t going to that party.
Yet I knew he was there.
Yet he always had an eye to make sure I stayed out of trouble.
He loved ladies.  
He loved flying.
He loved making friends wherever he flew.

Apparently he just bought a little plane.
He and his cousin where flying to Grenada, this is where he called home.
The engines quit… and the plane went down near the Bahamas. 
I just read that the Coast Guards called the search off.

I feel so sad inside.
What a loss.
Was he scared?
I am glad he was with someone (as awful as that sounds).
I hope he felt God’s arms holding him tight.

There is a part of me that still can’t help but wonder what if he is still out there?
Trevor, you are one of those people that was in my life for a bit… yet your footprints made a path on my heart.

Jesus, if he is alive… please bring him home safely.
If he is gone… may he have felt the love of those whose lives were forever impacted by his smile and gift of friendship.

Could you please pray for a miracle?
I know God can do this!
Please God, hear our prayers.

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