The Gift

Today I spent the day with an incredible child/young man.  He looked like Sammy, smelled like Sammy and even dressed like Sammy.  

I haven’t seen this child in a long time.  I really liked him!!!

I had a great day with him.  I love this kid.  Of course I love him all the time but I really enjoyed him.

Zachary loves his oldest brother and wants to be just like him.  Of course there is the little factor that they are very much alike in so many ways.  Sammy finds Zachary copycat behavior highly annoying.  Today, though Sammy gave Zach the greatest present.  He hung out with him and treated him so nicely!

Sammy was at the mall with a friend for a bit this morning.  While there, he shopped for Zach and bought him a present.  I was blown away by his thoughtfulness and especially since he spent his own money!!!  Then he chose to have lunch with us instead of going to his friend’s right away.  (Sammy is off for the next few days due to exams).  At lunch he ordered exactly as Zach did in honor of his birthday.

Zach had a great day … yet it was made extra special by this child of mine!
I am so proud of Sammy.  I am so glad to have spent this day liking him every minute.
I am so proud that he made choices today that is telling of the wonderful young man he is growing up to be!
I love you, Sammy!!! 

Pictures to post as soon as I get Sammy to help me download off my phone.

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