I had a pretty good day.  Not a lot happening (well, I cancelled the a lot happening part to keep my day reasonable).  I went into the office and did a bit of cleaning, made a mental note to hire a cleaning person for the office (the last one was let go…).  

The afternoon was spent with Zachary and then it was time to pick up the boys.
The Rhema hockey team (which Tyler and Jordan) are a part of, have a tournament tomorrow in a town 1.5 hours from here.  So after school today, they had a practice.  So we went and hung out … it was only an hour… how bad could it be?

Josh got into the van complaining of a tummy ache.  We went bathroom but only number one happened.
As we got to the rink, Josh told me his poop just came out quick.  LORD, PLEASE HAVE MERCY!!!
Here’s the thing… I don’t have anything on me.  Nothing.  This is the problem with eating peppers and veggies like a glutton.  Trust me, it was not pretty.  I was not happy.

I told him no fruits or veggies… only a banana… they back you up a bit don’t they???
So, I lay waiting to see if this is the results of being a veggie monster or the beginnings of the stomach flu.

This weekend there is endless hockey…  Max has to be out of town at a rink by seven  in the morning Saturday.  Sanj and some of the boys have a tournament all day outside!!! Brrrrr… The temps have dropped  these last few days.  Tonight is going to be – 30℃ when you factor in the wind.  They are having the tournament on the canal by the Liftlocks.  Very cool… even cooler taking in the weather! lol

This isn’t our teams but is where they willing freezing in the name of hockey and fun!

The cool part is that Hockey Day in Canada will be there to film some of it… that is very cool.
My sweet husband is going to freeze!!!

That leaves me to take Zachary to his game and do the running for hot chocolates and coffee!
Max has been invited to spent the night at friends…  God bless friends.  This is how bigger family manage at times, with friends.

I am just happy to be home… have sleeping boys keeping me warm and settling in for a Grey’s night!
Anyone watch Private Practice?  It has gotten pretty good too!
Sanj is with Sammy running a hockey practice.  That man does not know how to say no or stay put!
Gotta love him, though!  Gotta love him!
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