Hairy, Hairy!

I had the weirdest dream yet it was kind of funny.
I have blogged about my dreams… they are vivid and I usually can remember them in detail.
I dream every night.  Sometimes that is tiring, depending on the topic of the night.

You already know that my hair has been falling out to the point of being alarming.  I have thinning hair.
I guess I am a bit obsessed with this.  The other thing about me is my legs are pretty much hairless.
I really don’t have to shave… I may do so a few times a year to remove thin strands of hair that are scarcely seen to the naked eye.

Trust me this is relevant to my dream. lol
I was somewhere thinking about my legs and that I should perhaps shave… just to do so.
As I looked at my leg, I saw this LONG strand of hair on my leg.  I was very surprised.  It was so long … like the length of my hair on my head.  I was so surprised that I went to show Sanj.

When I showed him, there wasn’t bits of stranded… I had this gross long hair on my legs… hair that should have been on my head!!!


I guess I am more obsessed with my thinning head of hair! lol
My lala-land life is as crazy as my real life!
No wonder I am tired!
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