The Weekend…

It’s 9:07 a.m. and my house is extremely quiet!  The older ones are still sound asleep in bed and the younger ones went off to play a game.  I love a day of no school and nothing on the go.  Outside is kind of cloudy and grey which makes hanging out even more enjoyable.

I love Easter.  I think I may love it more than Christmas.  OK… maybe I shouldn’t say that because I really do love Christmas a lot.  I love Easter Sunday.  I love singing the songs of praise that celebrate Christ’s victory.  I love that there it triumph.  I love knowing that all that is left is heaven.  Jesus did the hard stuff!  I can’t wait to get there!

Thanks to the wonderful weather, we were able to have our first campfire of the year on Friday night.  There is nothing better smelling than a burning fire and marshmallows!  If you add good friends to that mix… it makes for a great start to a long weekend.

As I was sitting in church, Josh asked me, “What are you wearing?”  He was referring to the long black skirt I was wearing.  I replied, “I skirt.”

He asked, “What do you have under it?”  This child has serious issues! lol
When we were in the bathroom, he said, “I hate pooping.”
I asked him how come?
He replied, “It’s weird.”

My in-laws were coming for Sunday supper and we were going to do the Easter egg hunt.  Since we were off in Toronto for the day, Saturday, I just figured I’d grab stuff on the way home Sunday.  I TOTALLY forgot that everything was closed!!!

I wish you could have seen my look of panic.  My fridge was pretty empty because we were off and about most of the weekend.  Thank goodness for Shoppers Drug Mart … lol… Yes, you heard me!  Thank goodness for a hubby that can whip up the most delicious spaghetti dinner.  By the way, I LOVE a man in the kitchen!

The boys had a great time Saturday.  We went to Frankie Tomato, which is an Italian Buffet.  Buffets are my boys best friend.  They love the smorgasbord of food… meat, pastas and the ultimate dessert buffet!

We then headed downtown to celebrate Josh’s birthday (yes, again) at Medieval Times.  So much fun!  Remember me wanting my own manservant? Yup!  We had that!  I did ask him if I could bring him home… he said I had to ask the king.  Our knight, the Red One, tossed my a flower!  Tyler still claims it was for him… but since he kissed it before throwing it to me, I’d say NOT.

The food was a ridiculous abundance!  Since we were going back in time, there was no utensils.  chicken, ribs, potatoes, soup, all were to be eaten with out the aid of cutlery.  It was funny watching the different boys reaction.  The soup was not a winner in most of their books.  lol  Josh had no problem diving into his food.  Most of the other boys were in need of a snack on the ride home!

What happens after you take 6 boys to watch knights fighting with swords and whatnots? Right!  6 boys sword fighting non stop!  They were so funny!

It really has been a great weekend.
I hope your Easter was filled with family time and love.  I am so glad for a God that loves me so much that He was willing to do death instead of me.

Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.
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