My Boys…

Today  I had a nice day hanging out with the boys.  Nothing special, just a day at home… 

I loved that my younger two spent the day hanging out, being brothers, being secret agents and discovering being friends.  I heard Josh ask Zach, “Zachary, we are best buddies, right?”  Beautiful!

I love the thoughtfulness of a child of mine doing laundry for me, just because.

I love that no matter how big they are getting, that one of my teens will still ask me to lay down with him.  Beautiful!

I love seeing my boys reading.  When they find a book that they connect with, it is so refreshing to see the book worm in them come out!

Then there is the things that are not so nice to deal with.  One of the boys used a bad word.  He is not even sure why he used it.  I am so disappointed.  It isn’t a word that I would want them to use ever.  I know that he is around this language.  He knows better.  I really hope that he understood his mistake.  I hope that he knows he is cool just as he is.  Words, drugs, all that stuff is so NOT cool.   

I was really shocked to hear that it was used.  I am sad that they are growing up.  I can’t shelter them anymore.  I can only pray over them very hard.  I can only hope that the things that we have taught them for years will be present in their mind and heart.

I had a good day with the boys.  I am so glad that I can talk to them when I need to.  I am so glad that they are good boys who make my world so wonderful.  I am glad that they know we love them despite mistakes and choices.

I love my boys.  I am so glad that I had today with them.
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