Spring Cleaning, Laundry, Babies Coming Out…

The weekend is over.  It was the start to some crazy major spring cleaning.  One minute I was laying down, contemplating a nap and the next minute I was gutting out the boys drawers, moving bedrooms and making life for all of us easier, in the long run.

We bought this house with the idea of making two bedrooms in the basement for the older two boys.  After spending money on making the bedrooms, adding a bath… and all that stuff… they have not really made the rooms theirs.  I get it.  I wouldn’t even want to be down there, as I am a chicken.  Yet…. I really wish we all knew this before we spent the money… that could have painted the house the colors I really want, put in a new kitchen and new floors… etc, etc, etc.  Sigh.  So instead, Sammy and Tyler’s stuff ends up everywhere.
So I moved the boys around and for now, everyone is  sharing a room.  Everyone has a closet for their clothes.  Everyone has a place to be.  Feels much better.  Now to just get Josh to stay in his own bed.

I also realized the boys have way too many clothes!  WOW!!!  When the laundry is done… (whenever that is) there is not really room for their stuff.  I guess the key is not to go out and buy a new shirt when they don’t have any but rather, just do the laundry! lol

In church, while we were all singing, Josh whispers to me, how do babies come out of your tummy?  I said, “Go ask Daddy.”  Sanj looked like he was going to choke!  lol

Here’s a questions for you, Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist, right.  John the Baptist wasn’t a priest or pastor or anything… he wasn’t ordained, right?  How come only a ordained minister can baptize someone?

Please send me your thoughts… This will continue… I am just studying and trying to figure something out.

Aw… back to the task at hand.  Happy Monday!
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