A Good Day!

I had the weirdest day yesterday.  I was still motivated to keep at the laundry and purging of clothes.  I got so much done.  My day was not long enough, to be honest.  The younger two took longer than usually to fall asleep.  The older ones too way too long to settle.
Sammy was given a popsicle by my friend at school.  Then, on the way home, somehow they talked their dad into a slushie.  OK… my son + sugars+ dyes= a very long night.  Yet, he was working on really trying to control himself.  He kept saying, “Mommy, Jordan did this to me and I told him not to instead of punching him.”  Yah!!!  Then as I was making supper, he comes and gives me this hug with his taller than me frame and said, “I love you,” and dances with me. 
I love this kid.  He drives me bonkers.  Yet oh my goodness, I love him.

OK… can I brag about my boys this evening?  First of all, I am the worst parent at sticking to something.  So I prayed for help to be a better parent, to find a way to teach and motivate them.
Here’s the plan… my boys are forever wanting things.  Right now, Sammy wants a belt buckle, Tyler wants a watch, Zachary wants a pair of shoes… these are things that they don’t need…. yet really want.

I really want them to do their chores, without the nagging or whining.  I really want to instill in them the desire to serve.  I want them to understand that if there is something that they are about to step over… maybe it should be picked up instead.   I want them to understand that as a family, we all need to work together to keep the things we have in good shape… meaning the house, kitchen, laundry etc.

I want them to understand that they really have everything they need to live well and then some.

Here’s what I came  up with… instead of using money or allowance, I decided to use points.  
It allows me to vary the points or jobs with the different ages.  When they reach their points needed, they can get their chosen item.  Points need vary according to the price of the item wanted.

Name:  _______________________________
Week:  _______________________________
Jobs To Do:
Make your bed (2)
Hang up towel and pyjamas (2)
Put dirty clothes away (2)
Dog Duty
Hang up backpack and empty lunch (1)
-dog duty (3)
-empty dishwasher (2)
-laundry (2)
-bring in groceries (2)
-put groceries away (2)
– pick up dog poop (5)
-take out garbage (2)
-extra chores ____________________________________ (5)
Acts of Kindness:
Not hitting back… come tell (2)
Giving compliments (2)
Doing a good deed for your brother (6) _______________________________________________________
Total Points:
What I am working towards:

Of course this is a start.  I gave points for things they should do natural, make their bed, brush their teeth, etc.  Then there is the motivation to go beyond and make efforts with a brother that may get on their nerves.  This week, they each are to try to earn 20 points a day.

I am writing this blog, not to tell about this because it is only the first day.  I am writing to brag about my son.  Sammy, you know, the one that drives me bonkers?  The one I am forever wondering what did I ever do  to deserve this craziness that sends me to the edge of insanity and back?

Here is my son’s evening… first he was overwhelmed by the thought of even earning 20 points.  Yet, he soon figured it out.  He brought in the groceries, put them away, was very kind to Zachary, who often drives him nuts.  He even cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor.  (Usually when Sammy cleans the kitchen, I am swearing, while I clean it up again).  WOW.  I was blown away.

I am so proud of him.  He earned way over 20 points and to top it off, he confessed to doing something.  I know that was very hard and it touched me that he apologized and said that he wanted to be good.

I love my boys.  I am so proud of the efforts that they made.  

Thank you, God, for the boys that You have given me.  How I love them!
Please help me be the kind of mom You want me to be.
I love you!

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One Response to A Good Day!

  1. Sandy says:

    You sound like a remarkable mom!! Not from any "bragging" but from the debth you expose your heart about them. Keep it up, it will take you far.