The Office!

As I am getting things in order, I am getting excited about the possibility of structure in my life!  🙂 Structure in  my life may actually be a successful possibility!  🙂  Sanj apparently read my “schedule” for myself and asked me when I thought I would be coming into the office?  Ugh!  I don’t like being in his work space for many reasons.  It doesn’t hold an appeal that it once did.  I probably had romanticized what it may be like working in his clinic.  Naw.   Big Letdown.  So it really is going to work.

He pays me so I must put in some time.  So I decided that on Mondays that Josh can go in with me… I can bring something to occupy him for an hour and bit and do my token job.  I still have held on to my Tuesday – Thursday for me to write.  I was thinking that I could even stay in town a couple of those day if need be and work at the public library or Starbucks, both of which have wi-fi, not that I need  wi-fi really, when I think of it.

I went into Chapters today and threw down a chunk of money on a bunch of different authors.  I love that store.  I love, absolutely love being surrounded by books, looking at authors pictures on the back of books imagining their journey and believing in myself.  I feel empowered there.   I could stay for hours.  I love the vibes I feel there.

That being said, this brings me to the title of this blog… THE OFFICE!  No, it has nothing to do with the show… though I really do like Steve Carell very much.  I think he is cute, actually.  Here’s the thing, my husband has a office.  He has a real space at work called HIS OFFICE.  At home he has his space called DADDY’S OFFICE.  I don’t.

I want and need an office.   I really do.  I need a place to lay out my pages, etc.  Here’s how it started… I am pretty sure that even Sanj does not remember my gift, that has now become my curse.  Let me start of by saying my husband is very spoiled.  I love him to death.  Always have.  I would do and do everything I can to make his life a wonderful as it can be.

Thus said, I only have me to blame.  Our first house in Peterborough was little thing.  I always drive past it and wonder how in the world we ever fit in there.  Sweet memories, though… anyway, Sanj often would complain about having no place of his own.  He has his keyboard and equipment but never really had a place to set it up.  For Christmas one year, I had the idea to give him a gift of SPACE.  A space that was just his own.  Down in the very bottom of the house was a little room.  It was one of those rooms that was roughly made for a teenager.

I bought paint, a computer table, a cozy chair…  and tackled the room.  Looking back, it was hideous.  The paint job was pretty bad, the lighting… etc but it was a space all his away from 3 toddlers and a babe.  He was very happy to have a space.

Thus it began.  Sanj seemed to always have a SPACE after that.  The music room was really what it was.  In each house it was in the basement.  Our last house, Sanj had the whole basement… it was a pre-made man cave.  It was decorated as an English Pub.  Once again, I decorated this room for a gift… it was pretty snazzy.  He loved it and was very proud of his man cave.

Now we are in the present house.  We looked at this house and was pleased that the office was on the main floor.  We never even discussed it… it was just Sanj’s space.  Hum…  it never bothered me to have a space of my own… yet now… I can think of so much I can do in it!

My friend and an editor by profession came over the other day… “You are a writer,” she said. “You need a space… an office.”  She also mentioned that Sanj is done his doctorate and really doesn’t need this space.  Hum… how right!  I am a writer… I am working on my master piece… I am working on being successful… maybe even having a  blockbuster hit…  ohhhh!!!

Sanj said he would make me a space in the basement.  I don’t do basements.  I don’t like dark places.  I find them depressing.  I need light and bright!  Sanj is a melancholy creature.  He thrives on dark and dreary.  He loves picking out “Georgia…” on the piano.  He loves melancholy songs, the blues… me… not so much.  I find it depressing.  Of course there are times I want to alway the sadness I feel to come out and then “Georgia” is more than appropriate.

So… I want a office.  I actually want the office space Sanj has.  I WANT IT!  I already have it decorated.  The picture above is of the office space at  home.  See, I would paint it red.  I would have built a beautiful window seat by the loves huge window.  It will be full of throw pillows and a perfect reading spot.  On the corner wall (where the computer table is right now, I will have a corner unit bookshelves to house all the books that are laying on my bedroom corner.

The wall where the keyboard is… will be where a huge flat desk/table will be to allow for me to spread out sheets of paper… pictures when I scrapbook.. Ohhhhhhhh… I am so excited!!!  Above the table will hang a board for all my ideas… my dream board… above it will be a few rows of shelves… hanging pictures…

The little corner where the guitars are being hung will be an arm chair.  The fabric will match the window seat.  The floor will have a rug… bright with red hues in it.

My heart is pounding.  So I better get busy dreaming up a cool room/office for Sanj in the basement.

I am so excited.  I will love this room!  It is a girl’s room.  It is a mom’s room.  It is a writer/dreamer’s room.  My best work will be done here.  (NO PRESSURE … Sanj!)  

Here’s some pictures…  this picture is the red I love!  My room has wooden floors too so it is perfect!

This picture is a great window seat… not really fancy on the valance but it is a lot like my window.

I’d like just a simple long  table that will back nicely against the wall.  A chair of this kind with a colored fabric will go nicely in my corner.

OK.. I, of course could go on and on. Yet… you get the idea.  It will make a great room for writing and being creative.

Now… I just have to get Sanj on board!  I have the perfect spot for him… the bedroom that we made for Tyler… is perfect…. big, quiet and shuts out warm and fuzzy for a musician.

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