The Girl in the Picture…

Do you know this picture?  She is known as “The Girl in the Picture,” or as the Napalm girl in Vietnam.  Her name is Kim Phuc.   This picture was taken by Nick Ut, who eventually won a Pulitzer Prize.   A picture says a thousand words… or more.  A little girl, age 9, running naked down the road, after she torn her clothes off that were on fire from the napalm.

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with her and my friend, Darlene (who has known her for years).  How can I explain what I experienced today?  This incredible lady, mother of 2 boys, wife to a “wonderful” husband.  She travels around the world telling her story of recovery, forgiveness and courage.

We am hoping to bring her to Peterborough to speak, a fundraiser for the school.  Yet suddenly as I was a dinner with friends, I realized that this is the kind of experience that we need to make available to every one.  It is such a honour to have her… if she is willing… in our town.  She has a foundation… that helps children effected by war.  This would  be something that we would give back to … with some of the monies raised…. oh the ideas!

It was just such a incredible afternoon.  I wanted to write about it… really write about it.  Yet, words… they seem to have failed me.  If you get the chance to hear her tell her story… grab hold of that opportunity.

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