I made it!  Through my day, I mean!  For a while, it was touch and go!  I was feeling pretty yucky and was just trudging along… so glad to be able to put that big line through my list!

*** Stop off at the Bell Store.  ( HATE THIS COMPANY)!!!

*** Go into the office… do billing and poke my head in since Sanj is gone.

*** Pick up spaghetti for the lunch from the Pizza Factory.  (Great spaghetti sauce!!! Thanks          Mr. and Mrs. B.)

*** Pick up accessories needed for lunch.

*** Spaghetti Lunch… served to 90 % of the school!  Raised $350 for the bathrooms!!!

*** Prepare inserts for the bulletins about the Craft Sale and Indian Dinner.

*** Pick up my high school boys.

*** Back to Rhema to pick up the rest of the gang.  

*** Dropped off two spaghetti dinners for 2 families that needed a pick me up.

*** Back to Bell Store… DO NOT USE BELL IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!!

*** Supper with the boys.

*** Haircuts for the boys.  (HAD TO BE DONE!!!)

*** Dropped Jordan off at Youth Group.

*** Drove home… made it safe despite the on-going ruckus between the boys.

*** Dealt with protest of bathes and bed.

I made it!  Yah!  I can’t wait till morning to see my new paint in the family room.  In the dark, it looks great!  I hope that it is finish by Friday…  Did I tell you I love my painter?!!!

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