Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Out of the mouth of my babe:

S:  “Mommy, I am going to grow my mustache during November for prostitute cancer awareness.”

Not sure what mustache he may be referring to!  The older boys are so fixated on their supposed facial hair.  “Mommy, is it true that if I shave that my hair will grow in faster?”  This is followed later in the month by, “Mommy, feel my face.”  I did.  I wasn’t sure what I was feeling for.  “Can you feel my stubble?”  So cute! 

Back to the topic of nicknames for the boys on my blog… T comes in to my office and says, “Mommy, can I be Sukulicious?”  Me:  Yum… NO!

I had lunch with a friend today… yes again.  This seems to go in waves.  I get so occupied with life and its constant demands.  Then I see my girlfriend, like the one I had lunch today with and wonder why haven’t we spent any time together?  After that time spent, I feel so good.  Maybe not as alone…  better understood.  

Next week is the Taste of India.  Next week!  How did that happen?  I am feeling a bit of panic.  So much to do.  This town of mine, this community I am part of is such a last minute kinda of town.  It is very frustrating!  I know the tickets will start going… well they are selling… it’s just that does everyone have to wait so last minute???  I have asked God for us to sell 100 tickets… 150 would be a huge gift.  🙂

(In town?  Want a ticket?  Email me at

My mom is here.  The boys had supper already.  It is 4:43pm.  They feasted on rice and fish curry.  It is an all time favorite.  They love having my mom here.

Today I was thinking of God and how blessed I am to believe in my Heavenly Father.  I love that He gets me.  I love that even when I am disappointed that I can believe with all my heart that He, God, has me covered.  I know that the answer is not yet or maybe just plain no.  I have learned to give up the temper tantrums and just have faith.  Of course, just Sunday I was in the midst of giving into a temper tantrum… yet midway lost the energy.

My cousin put this on facebook…  the article is from National Geographics…  “This chart depicts the public acceptance of evolution theory in 34 countries in 2005. Adults were asked to respond to the statement: “Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals.” The percentage of respondents who believed this to be true is marked in blue; those who believed it to be false, in red; and those who were not sure, in yellow.”

I can’t image truly believing in evolution.  I realize that if I wasn’t born into Christianity… maybe it may be more of a possibility.

Maybe if my life was not to crazy that I needed to believe in a High Power… in my God that this may be more understanding.

I guess this makes life more interesting.  Each with their own thoughts and beliefs.  I am just so grateful that my God, the One that made me, in His likeness, constantly makes Himself real to me.

I love knowing that there is a big picture and it is all under control.

As I struggle to make sense of some of my realities… I am so glad that the God that made me, understands it all.  Yet really, when I look at some of my family, it is possible to believe in evolution!   😉

Monkey see, Monkey do!

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