Happy I Love you Day!

Every since I was a little girl I was a believer in the fairy tale… the prince finding his princess. What I didn’t realize was the frogs that I had to meet along the way. I remember the Valentine’s Day that came and went with only disappointments. Isn’t it just a Hallmark day? I never wanted my children to every feel unloved or unthought of… ever. So we explained Valentines as a Happy I love you day! That they will always be loved and cherished whether they have “someone special” to celebrate Valentines or not.

Of course I realize that someday (probably in the not so distant future) something special from mom and dad will not cut it… and unfortuately my sons will have hearts broken and there will not be much I can do. But hopefully they will always know that Valentines Day is about love for each other.

I am blessed to have a wonderful Valentine, who does think of making days special. Thank God for all those frogs along the way… as they only made me truly appreciate my Prince.

On the flip side, I hope that we think of someone who will be feeling blue on Valentines and maybe do a little something special for a single mom or dad… chocolates and a card could go a long way to making some feel extra special on a day we an often take forgranted the loves in our lives.

Happy Valentines Day!
( Happy I Love You Day!)

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