Tuesday Blues…

Post 994… Who knew I had so much to say?

I know that 1000 posts doesn’t really signify much in real life but for me it is a milestone.  As Sanj says often, he is surprised I have stuck with my blog for this long… and for that matter, him… as I get bored and usually move on to the next thing.

Silly man!

It’s Tuesday… I am feeling unsettled.  What does that mean?  Well, the boys are home, puttering, playing with their games, working off some of that energy that on the rink… then back looking for food and then the cycle starts over again.  The older 2 have friends over and so this is keeping everyone behaving.

My mom is here.  She is a workaholic.  That means she never sits still.  It was great in the beginning… but now I am ready to just lay on my bed and read a book and yet she is there doing laundry, making a batter for dosi… and it goes on.  So I feel I am not able to sit either!

We are having a New Years Eve Party…  it is very low key… just a few families… and the boys invite their friends over for a sleep over.  I am busy planning this in my mind.  I usually make something new… this year I am thinking of a seafood medley.  (I am not a lover of seafood… yet my family loves it).  Any recipes?

Then there is the surgery… looming over me.  Thursday, Josh will be getting his front four teeth pulled.  He has been blessed with bad teeth as a babe.  This child has cavities… probably from all the fruit and veggies he consumes.  None of my kids ever had cavities until later and then not that many.  So I am stressing about him… going under…

Then there is Sammy’s impeding surgery.  The surgeon’s office is closed till school starts.  Meanwhile, Sammy keeps asking if he can play in the hockey tournament that is this week.  It really does seem like a no brainer

to me.

I went and ordered two love seats to put in our eat-in dining area.  It is the place the main floor TV is and I just want to make it more comfortable to hang out there.  This will force us to use our dining table … for what it is meant for… eating!

So, I am so excited.  I love decorating.  I love getting a great deal.  These aren’t even real leather sofas… thus the ridiculous price… but it is only till I can save enough to redo our kitchen and make it a space that works for us.

Our house is cold today.  I am not sure the thermostat is working properly.  I am never cold and the last couple of days, I have been freezing.

Yes, I know, I am rambling.  I just wanted to write.  I am going to post the first part of my book… not the first chapter but what is it?  The Preface?  Love to hear your thoughts…

That is the next blog… so stay tune!

Happy Tuesday!

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