The Little Indian Boy Can Jump!

Sammy is growing up so fast…it makes me wish I had a pause button! This weekend the basketball team from Rhema Christian went to play against other Christian schools. It was amazing watch my little boy with his moves… he is good! (Really I am not being bias…) I loved watching the games. Not only were they good sportsman, but just so well behaved to be there all day.

On the flip side, Sammy has developed his own life which is seemingly interfering with ours! Tommorrow night would have been the first night in a while that Sanj and I could actually go out… so we made our plans. Well, Sammy who would babysit, gets invited to a sleepover. Sanj and I just look at each other… and sort of laugh. Our lives have taken a back seat, apparently. Welcome to the world of parenting… It is not about you!

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4 Responses to The Little Indian Boy Can Jump!

  1. kumardixit says:

    Go Sammy go!

  2. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    Reema I think you need to qualify that Sammy is a good basketball player – for a Canadian Indian. 🙂

    Samuel Sukumaran, Uncle Teddy plans on coming up there at some point this year, and after I beat you in a little one on one, you can't go and cry to Grandpa.

  3. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    you know what, I'm taking on the entire Sukumaran family. I'll take on all 6 boys. One on 6.

    I remember when I was little, Sanj used to play me in basketball, and he was so much bigger than me. He would just back me down and hit layups. I used to get so upset, because I knew he had no skills, he was just twice as big as me. I used to wonder – "Why doesn't he at least attempt a jump shot, to make things easier." But no, Sanj, would just always muscle his way down low and hit a layup.

    So, I'm getting my revenge. I'm going to take down all of his boys.

  4. Reema Sukumaran says:

    You wish Uncle Teddy… Bring it on!

    What kind of pride can you maintain when you are schooled by a tiny little "Canadian Indian" boy.

    Teddy… maybe you can have a little one on one with Sanj to deal with the issues of your childhood!