How Strong Is Your Constitution?

Do you ever have days that are endless?

I feel like I lived a whole week in the hours I have been awake.  It didn’t help that last night Sanj and I stayed up to watch Inception… quite the movie!  I had to be at the clinic by 8a.m.  Being that I am not a morning person, this was not pleasant.

Josh is a child I am not sure how to parent.  This boy has no social fear.  He will just be obnoxious to everyone.  Adult and all.  My other children were always very reserved with others and certainly adults.  They would never do things that Josh does in a million years.  Teaching them to look an adult in the eyes and say “Hi” was painful enough.

Last week I had to take Josh into our pediatrician’s office for a quick exam before his surgery.  Our doctor was being  silly and trying to distract Josh while examining him.  This interaction obviously made Josh quite comfortable and the next thing I know, Josh was walking to him, the doctor and stepping on his toes!  Really?  I was a little horrified with his forwardness.

Who is this child and where did  he come from?  I have no idea of how to parent him!  Of course he gets punished, reprimanded etc., yet he is such a unique person, I am not sure what to do with him.

Today, I asked Sanj if he thought maybe Josh has a personality disorder!  Sanj gives me the same answer he always gives when it comes to Josh... “He is a spoiled child.”

Well… thanks a lot.

Today was the day of his surgery.  Again, in true Josh style, he was unhappy with all the steps that had to be done before hand… weighing in, blood pressure check, etc.  He was not an easy patient.  He is also at least 60 pounds and so isn’t light to physically handle.  As they laid him on the table in the room to give him the mask to send him to sleep, he began to fight.  His hands and feet were flailing.  He was not impressed.  It took a few people to restrain him and the sleep doctor to rapidly turn up the dial to send him off to sleep land.

That was all bad enough… yet the worst was that moment when he  came to in recovery.   Josh was screaming.  He wanted me.  He didn’t want to be in the bed but in my lap.  Once this happened (dumb me, wore a white sweatshirt for him to rest his bloody mouth on)… he was screaming to go home.

Dude!  My hands still feel weak with the helplessness of that state.  I want to grab his mind and reassure him that it was all good.  Yet, he was too distraught to comprehend anything that was coming out of my mouth.

There was blood all in his mouth.  Being weak at heart, this was causing me great discombobulation.  His beautiful mouth… was full of stitches and blood.

And… did I mention the screaming?  I guess this in itself was the most distrubing part.  It was exhausting emotionally.  I tried singing to him, bribing him, beating him… (lol, no not really)… he was just so agitated.  The nurse said this was normal.  I am not sure that was really true.

Then the sleep doctor comes out and asked if he had anything to drink… an accusation.  No, he didn’t.  Apparently while under, he aspirated.  More drama.  Only Josh.  The doctor commented that with all the hollaring Josh was doing, he likely brought up whatever was in his lungs.  Let’s  hope!  We left with the doctor letting me know that Josh would be drowsy likely the rest of the afternoon.  I saw this a  bonus!

Then there was the carrying him down the steep flight of stairs… this child is heavy.  We made it.  We stopped at Sanj’s office for a quick snuggle… Josh got one too… lol.

After we got home, we all found spots on my bed and put a DVD in.  I feel asleep for a short nap.  I was exhausted.

Sanj called a bit later and upon the discovery of my napping mentioned that I needed a stronger constitution.  Here’s the thing… that is not a smart thing to say to me… after being through what I went through.  Did  I mention that this kind of stuff makes me sick?  Sanj is the one that works for money… so he is not  there for this kind of thing.  Yet, next time Josh is going in… and there is a next time… I’ll be sure that Sanj gets the privilege to accompany his son.  Then… we’ll have a chat about the strength of ones constitution.

Ha.  That comment did not make me a happy camper.

That nap for Josh never came.  It would seem that Josh was experiencing a paradoxal reaction.  He was hyper and bouncy as ever.   He was constantly eating food…  he is moving non-stop.

Upon observing Josh, the sleep doctor did mention that he can come home for a fee… a big fee… and work his sleep magic… lol… some things are worth every penny, I’m thinking!

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