The Game!

We were able to get 4 tickets to see the Leafs… (Thanks East Side Marios!)
Hoping to get 4 more at another date, we had to pick who got the lotto… Tyler, Jordan and Max were the chosen this time around (not to mention Sammy generously giving his up so Max could go to his first Leaf game)… then Sanj was unable to go due the fact that his on-line class started that night… so here I find myself at yet another game…
Going to the Game is a coveted experience for most Ontario folks… and it was an experience!
The boys were delighted with the first goal the Leafs scored but then experienced severe dissappointment with the final score 4-1… for the Devils!

GO LEAFS GO! We still believe in you!

Oh did I mention the 3.5 hours it took to get home in a major snow storm?
I love hockey!

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One Response to The Game!

  1. Cling & Clatter says:

    seems you all had quite some fun out there…worth the diving time!