Melting IceBerg!

Around town you may see the occasional sign…”Look out for falling snow (ice).” On our street we should post…”Look out for YELLOW snow!” Not too sure what this neighbour thought!

Zachary is a true boy… JUST DO IT!

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2 Responses to Melting IceBerg!

  1. Yekaterina says:

    Zach, did you wash your hands after your little pp episode? Nathaniel has this rule that he doesn't have to wash his hands if he is able to p without touching himself. So he is very careful, not to touch himself. He usually walks out of the bathroom saying "Mommy, I didn't touch my pee pee".

  2. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    that wasn't yeka, that was me Ted. Yeka was logged in on the computer.