Its a Boy…Oh Bummer!

Perhaps I am hyper sensitive on the negetivity of boys and perhaps males as a gender . So often I hear “Oh my gosh, i have 2 boys and can’t keep up with them, I don’t know how you do it with 6!” In university I remember so often “Men are DOGS” and I am sure I was guilty of that phrase myself… encountering my share.

I ran into this article…”How Depressing… It’s A Boy” which says that “Depression is one of the most common postpartum medical problems that new moms face. New research suggests that the risk is even higher for those who give birth to boys.”

The article talks about boys being difficult to raise as they are busy, energetic and in constant motion. I have found that raising toddler boys is busy and probably comparing to the girls around us, they wouldn’t normally sit and play dolls, color or what ever quiet activity a girl may do. But I think there is something to be said that the MOM’s raising the sons find the difficulty because we are not MALES. We never experienced the facsinations of playing with our pee hole (as Josh calls it) or tormenting a bug or all the countless things that amuse boys (and some girls). So of course it is DIFFERENT raising sons maybe even difficult. We are in unknown territory.

The article talks about mom’s wanting mini me’s…. that is because it is what is known and who wouldn’t want a redo… a chance to do things better or differently?

We have a unique chance to help mold the next generation of husbands and fathers. I so want my sons to be self sufficent, thoughtful, romantic, to understand PMS, do the little things like hold the door open, dishes, fall in love that lasts forever… understand how to cherish a woman… and know that respect is earned. For them to understand that YOU teach people HOW TO TREAT YOU!

These are just a few of the things I want my boys to learn and be as MEN. Boys are a challenge as well as a privilage to raise. If we change our way of thinking about the males in our lives … it is the self fullfilling prophecy… we believe in them and they believe in them. How great… what an amazing generation will be coming up.

Love your boys, keep them busy, learn to be interested in their interests.

The other day Tyler came and said, ” Mommy which team are your rooting for?” (Yes still hockey… its the playoffs)
I was in a mood and looked at him and said, Tyler I hate hockey… I really don’t care.”
He walked away devastated.
Later I apoligized and said I am cheering for Montreal… and so began our conversation. (Thankfully my kids are very forgiving).

Every morning the boys check the score and let me know how Montreal did. It is another way that is keeping us connected…

I still don’t really care about hockey… and I am sure they know that. But I think they will remember our hockey debates as they grow older and not that I didn’t really care about hockey but that I cared about them (at least I hope so).

It is also a great thing when I know facts about hockey or golf that shock them. 🙂 Thank God for Google and ESPN.

My thoughts are simply boys aren’t difficult or weird… they are just different from us as women. So we have to find out how they need to be loved. Their language is so different. So we have to learn it. Obviously God thought we could do it… that is why he BLESSED us with boys.

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One Response to Its a Boy…Oh Bummer!

  1. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    Tyler, go Maple Leafs!!

    Oh wait, they didn't make the playoffs. Sorry.