My Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Happy I love You Day!

I used to hate Valentines Day.  It was a day that I often felt the loneliest.  It was a day that seemed to send out a message by Hallmark and the world that if you don’t have a love on this day… you’d better feel sorry for yourself.

I remember in University, having a boyfriend… and so excited that I would have a Valentine… only to be so disappointed that day.  He didn’t get Valentines.  He spent much of the day with his buddies… and spent a few minutes literally with me at the end of the day.

I was so sad.

Today, Valentines… it’s just a day.  I have a Valentine every day.  He is sweet, thoughtful, deliciously handsome, romantic… ok, I’ll stop, as I don’t want to make you jealous!


This weekend, I had cramps from hell.  Saturday night I woke up, feverish and  wishing for death.  I had such pain, all I could do was lay there and wish for death.

(Yes, I’ll be calling my doctor this morning).

I hurt all weekend.

I was laying in bed yesterday afternoon, after coming back from taking Sammy and Zach to the ski hill… while the others were at hockey.

I could hear Sanj in the kitchen.

He was doing the dishes.

I love a man that does dishes.  I love a man that does dishes without even asking.

He knew I was cramping and stressing about being prepared for homeschooling in the morning.   (That starts in 45 minutes and counting…)

That was a great Valentines right there… dishes and tidying.

No nagging.

I love my Valentine.  Not just today… but every day.

Happy Valentines, my dearest!

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