Day 7 and Counting

Day 7 and Counting…

Here’s the thing… God really does give us just what we can handle!

A houseful of boys down with influenza would be trying to most.  Yet you add throw up… and I am pretty sure most would be sent over the edge.

Well, me, anyways.

Yesterday, at noon I had just laid down with Josh.  He was burning up and had just been drugged and needed to sleep.  Me, I just needed to be still for a minute.  Josh needed me to be beside him… he has this radar of when I walk away.

Then all of a sudden, he sat up and spewed forth all sorts of stinky liquids, on himself, me and my bed.  I just changed my sheets the day before.  I had no clean sheets left.  The blankets were gross too.  I smelled of that sharp putrid odor that can only come with vomit.

We both looked at each other.

I undressed him and stuck him with Zach, who was in the bath.
I stripped the sheets and blankets off.

I threw myself on my stinky bed and balled my eyes out.

I was tired.  I was going on little sleep from the night before… as each time I began to fall asleep, I’d hear my name or footsteps of one of my babes coming for medicine or me.

I was exhausted.

Sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered.

So… as we continue to go through Tylenol, Advil, Gatorade, 7 -Up, Jello… Toast and more Toast…

God has been good to me.  I feel only slightly warm.  I only have a slight headache.  He is keeping me strong with strength to put the sheets in the wash.

He gave the endless love for my boys… to appreciate the needed snuggles.

He gave me just what I could handle.

Thank You, God, for understanding just what my shoulders can take.

Now… could you please me the boys all better… SOON…


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