The Waiting Room…

Slowly but surely my babes are feeling better.

The noise level has increased.  There is action all around me and yes, fighting and arguing.  They are becoming themselves again.  The boys are tired.  That is pretty much the biggest thing, now and coughing.  Lots of wet coughing.  Then just after the coughing, you will hear me nag… “Cover your MOUTH!”

Yesterday, I took Max and Josh to the doctor’s.  I knew that Josh’s likely had pneumonia by now and was hoping to avoid being sent to the hospital.  He was really sick while we were there.  He was achy, burning up and just wanted to crawl into my lap.

There was a lot of noise in the waiting room.  Lots of little ones everywhere.  Do you notice that there is always a mom that is louder and more obnoxious then everyone else?
Well, this was the case yesterday… there were a couple of those moms there.  The first one reprimanded her son from across the room, constantly.  She was so loud and harsh I found myself embarrassed for her.

Then there was another mom and her little one, no more than 3 years of age.  She was drinking her coffee and he was begging her for some.  She gave him the latter part of her coffee.  Then she was yelling at him constantly as she chased him around the room, cursing his activeness.

Coffee and a 3 year old?  Really?

Then there was the crabby tech in the Xray department.  She was not a kid friendly person at all.  Maybe she was an animal person… because her people skills were lacking.  She was no abrupt with Josh, I wanted to take my heavy “protect me from the radiation” apron and whack her with it.

Why?  She is obviously in a job that deals with sick kids.  Give him a break.  First of all, relax.  There wasn’t a line or anyone waiting.  Chill.  If she just took her time, it would have been much easier.  Josh could sense her rudeness and got more worked up.


All was said and done.. 2 1/2 hours later, we were out of there.  Josh was sound asleep before we were on the road.  We were armed with antibiotics.  Pneumonia and bronchitis      were the diagnosis… Max was told to hydrate!

While we were in the waiting room, in walked at mom with a newborn baby with the dad and a 15 month old boy.  I was fascinated.  That had been me years ago, with Sammy and Tyler… except they were 12 months apart.  Wow.  I couldn’t stop watching…  How I wish I could peep back into those days…  How I loved that time… when they were so little.

When I came home, I was recapping my day to Sanj and told him of this little family… who had been to his clinic… I found out.  All Sanj said when I was talking about that time so long ago was, “We were so poor!”

I laughed.  So typical of him.  And yet sometimes you really just need love… we didn’t miss all the things we didn’t have… not really.

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