Happy Daddy’s Day!

Today is a day that I could easily focus on the loss I feel while the whole world celebrates the great dad’s in their lives. But I decided that the one great gift my dad gave me was life. I would be nothing if he was not in the picture. So to my dad, “Happy Father’s Day!”

One of the greatest joys in my life is the relationship that MY children have with their dad. It is so great to watch. It is such a joy because it is so normal. Sanj is a great dad. He is a great big kid! He loves the boys with all his heart. It is in his actions all day. From the morning hugs, the “I love you’s”, the time his spends making sure they have all the opportunities such as the HOURS spent at the rinks, building their own rink, golf course, judo, etc. The wrestling around until someone gets hurt, the “special” omelets and the 10 year old trips with him.

Taking the boys to ball games, hockey games, meeting their idols, dreaming of dream cars, loading music for iPods, sneaking in pop or ice cream cones, splurging on a crazy hockey stick that mom shouldn’t know about… the list goes on and on.

How great that the list goes on! What love! I also love the fact that they KNOW his love is unconditional. He loses it … often over crazy stuff… and when he yells (or talks loud) the boys are not scared… Ok I know this isn’t really the desired reaction. But when you have grown up in a house where your dad’s rising voice means the storm is coming, it is great. I love that the boys know they are so loved that Sanj’s yell is just loud words of love! 🙂

One of the moments I loved the most was one day we were in car driving somewhere… Sanj was really upset about something one of the boys did and was letting them know it. Zach, who must have been 4 years old, says, “Daddy, bring it down a notch.” What can you do? Laugh out loud and love that my children are so confident in our love, they can tell us to chill when we need to chill.

I love that as they grow older they still sit on his lap, love sneaking into our bed, hiding out in Sanj’s hideout ( the basement), just imitating their dad in every way possible. I love their morning chit chat… the scores of the night before or how Tiger Wood’s hit a bogey (don’t know what that means but I do like the word)! I love hearing them tell Sanj stuff he doesn’t know. I love hearing, “Daddy, I love you.”

What else is there really… playing hard, fighting hard and loving hard.

A couple of halloweens ago, one of the boys wanted to go dressed as Sanj, their dad. What a great compliment! I want to be just like my dad.

I am so glad that my kids are blessed with a wonderful daddy. Anyone can be father yet it takes a very special man to be a Daddy. What a wonderful title.

Happy Daddy’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

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