My Max is a special sort.

He has such a unique sense of humor.
He is actually hilarious!

Max had a very special Father’s Day present for Sanj.

Sanj has a very special love for his truck.  The Denali is his deep dark secret love… whether he admits it or not… we all know the truth.

Max came to me and told me what he wanted to buy Sanj for Father’s Day.

When he told me, I laughed so hard.  I was actually jealous that he came up with this gift.

Here is the story in pictures, despite the fact that the photos aren’t the greatest quality:

(The first expression… appalled.)

(Can you see the gift?  It’s a Hula Girl for the dash of his beloved truck!)

(Sanj seeing the humor in this gift!)

Missing is the picture of Sanj crying when he sees the Hulu Girl actually on his dash!

I love my boys!

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