July 1…

Happy Canada Day!

It’s funny, but 17 years ago, this week,  was my wedding weekend.  It’s funny how the weekend lands the same way.  We picked this weekend because it was a long weekend for both our Canadian as well as American friends and family.

17 years seems like a life time ago, and yet in many ways seems just like yesterday.

The weather is gorgeous outside!  Max and I are so glad to be home!  I slept till 10:30 this morning… apparently I was much more tired than I thought.

Yesterday while the GI resident was in talking to Max and I, he got to the point where he was going to examine Max.  He looked at me and said, “Max is old enough to deserve some privacy during an exam… so would you mind stepping out in the hall?”

I knew the guy was going to quiz Max on stresses.  Max said the GI guy asked what his parents were like?  Max said, “Oh, they are fine.” (Really, Max, just fine???  You should have said, “My mom rocks”… or “my mom is awesome!” Daddy could be “Fine!”)


He asked if his brothers were mean?  Max replied, “Only when they are grumpy!”  lol

He asked Max if he had had sex.  I can only imagine my Max’s face! lol  I mean, my sweet boy just found out about sex!

As we drove home in the standstill of endless cars… (I don’t know how people do that everyday)… we were chatting.  A Chris Brown song came on and I mentioned to Max I didn’t like Chris Brown… and replied that he was a woman beater, when Max asked why not.

“Mommy, how come it’s not ok for guys to hit girls but it’s ok for girls to hit guys?”

So, we had the discussion.  It’s not ok to hit anyone.  I reiterated that as a boy… never hit a girl… even if a girl hits you.

It’s interesting, as my boys grow into men, I see the difference in the male/female  so much clearier.  Sanj is a pretty emotionally guy compared to most men I know.  This means that he talks.  I don’t have to beat out things from him… unless I ask him what he’s thinking, and he replies, “Nothing.” I reply, “How can you be thinking of nothing?”

My boys find my questions endless.  This is a recent discovery. “Why do you ask so many questions?” they ask, as I search for answers.

I realize that they find my questions… that I ask out of interest and love, annoying.


Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. My brother suggested I read this book to understand my boys better.


Happy Canada Day, All!!!


p.s.  To my readers who have been praying for my Max… and don’t even know me… thank you so much.  It means so much.  Please keep praying.

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  1. Hettie Aardema says:

    Keep asking questions Reema.. communication is the key. it will make your boys great men.

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