One Month and counting

I have successfully gone one month without sugar. No desserts, ice cream, candy bars… no sweets. Don’t they say it takes 28 days to break a habit? Well I can tell you that isn’t really true. I still feel the need to think about my sugary friends… remember the taste of them… I miss them.

We went to the movies the other day and the boys had some Skittles. Josh was on my lap… his breath was Skittlicious. I kissed him… it was yummy. Sad, eh?

I am determined not let diabetes control my life. So I am trying to get control of it. I have learned to check my blood sugars myself. This is a accomplishment I am proud of. I am learning what foods effect me and how to keep my levels stable. I am learning to force myself to eat mini meals as so not to get shaky.

I am trying to take baby steps. I have a tendency to grab hold of a project and set unrealistic goals for myself. Then I wonder why I failed. Baby steps and allowing myself time to conquer it. I am trying to give myself permission to feel proud of each success and then move on to the next baby step.

1. Give up my sugary friends
2. Learn to take my blood sugars (Ok I was forced to do this at the diabetic clinic…)
3. Add a small amount of exercise in my day. I know that if I think that I am going to the gym for an hour… I will fail.
So baby steps… a walk 3-4 times a week. Then I hope to increase that to 5-6 times a week.
4. The gym will come.
5. Keep drinking water… eventually give up my Diet Coke. This is where I get my sweet fix from right now.

Baby Steps. Making myself feel the pleasure of the small accomplishments. A friend of mine told me that she needed to just know that at the end of the day she had done the best she could.

I like that. Did I do the best I could at the end of the day? Most day… yes.

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