PEI: Prince Edward Island

Vacationing was the best!

The down side is that it must come to an end.  🙁
It was a very sad moment as Sanj and I stood on the porch of the cute beach house and put the key back into the lock box.  All done.

It was a perfect vacation… despite all the drama that accompanied us.  We really need time to be together as a family away from all the distractions that comes with the rat race.

Oh there was the never-ending fighting that comes with having 6 boys…but there was also the moments of play and  smiles.

I loved driving to the little towns… just the drive it self was so beautiful.  It is such a different kind of life there.

(Photo taken by Josh… Great entertainment for my 6 year old during the drive!)

I find myself wanting to stop and just snap picture after picture of the beauty that passed by.

I loved the wind mills.  They just added to the setting as did all the little white country churches that seemed to be every few miles.  They were so well kept and looked so inviting that it made me want to go to church.

We drove one rainy day to the North Cape of the island where some of the boys braved the rain and cold and watched seals in the water.

There was the lobster cooking, tasting and even playing.

The deep sea fishing was an experience in itself … with the choppy waves, thanks to the weathers the night before.  I was scared.  Those waves were big!  I had a little taste of what Jonah must have felt like…  It was fascinating catching all that mackerel … one after another.  I never did find my sea legs… and found myself happy to stay planted to my spot as much as possible.  And Sanj did a great job cooking it up for us!

The beach that was our view for the week was fabulous.  I loved the red sand.  I didn’t even have to bother with the famous PEI red dirt shirts because we seemed to have bought home many pieces of clothing stained.

I loved the freedom to walk way out with the tide out.. not worrying about sharks (as this is a real worry for me… as was tidal waves.. )… to watch the boys collect those poor crabs and other creatures they found.  I love the peacefulness of having a beach all to ourselves.  I loved seeing the Bridge from the bend of our beach.  I loved that it wasn’t too hot.

I loved the hot tub… the time that we just sat in burning hot water… unless I got to it and lowed the heat and feigned ignorance when Sanj complained about who lowered the temp.  ( I love that word-  feigned).

I loved that our boys still choose to be with us.  This little bit makes my heart sing.

I loved trying to get that “perfect” family picture or the perfect X-mas card shot of the boys… and they tried really hard to “pose.”

I loved the little stops we made on the way… at a friend of Sanj’s from high school… whose family is now our family’s friend.

I loved the Bay of Fundy… seriously a gorgeous place. I love that rain can’t stop us from having fun… that I felt that child-like sensation as I walked in the pouring rain to see a this beautiful place, that I hope to return to someday.

I love that there are places that make a shopaholic’s heart sing… Freeport, Maine.

Who says girls love to shop?  Umm… my boys have the bug too!

There’s nothing like a bag full of bargains!

I love that Home is wherever I am with my family.

I love that God kept grabbing my attention through all the beauty that surrounded me.

I love that I am never alone… even when life throws a curve ball… I know that I have a partner here on earth (Sanj, in case there is any doubt… lol) … who is always by my side.  I know that I have a Father in Heaven that has my back… all the time.

Vacationing was the best.

Life, real life, isn’t so bad, either.

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