I was forever wishing I was gifted with SOMETHING! Everyone around me could either sing, dance, draw, play at sport, the list goes on. I was not a person with talents. I hated that about myself.

In high school, I was one credit short in FIne Arts. I usually took Choir, even though I could not sing because it was the easiest way to fulfill those credit requirements. Well my last year, there was only 4 people that signed up for choir and they could sing. So they became a quartet. What was i going to do?

Well the music teacher told me he was in need of a bass drum player. Hum…I was waiting for him to let me know how this was going to help me out. Well he thought I was teachable. “It’s easy,” he said. What he probably didn’t realize is that I really did not have ANY rthythm.

I loved being part of the band. I had always wanted to play the flute and never had the chance. I loved being part of something.
Well soon it was apparent I wasn’t cut out for the bass drum, either. My band director literally conducted the whole band with one hand and me with his other hand.

I passed but it was based on his generosity.

No special gifts or talents. I could barely draw stick people… playing Pictionary was a challenge all on its own. Sports? Did I tell you I was the kids who was always picked last in P.E. followed by groaning and rolling eyes? I didn’t want to be on their team either. I hated P.E. Again, nothing.

The typical answer I would get from my friends was but you are so loving and giving. You are so creative. Hum… that is like telling an ugly person that they have a good personality.

This was a fact of my life that I lived with for years. I was dishearten. Why had God not given my at least ONE gift?

It took years for my to learn that my gifts were different. I did have a good personality. (well most of the time). I am still trying to figure out some of my gifts but mine are not the norm.

Did you know that being loving is a gift? Or creativity is a gift? Hospitality? Generousity? Seeing the glass half full is a gift?
Energy? Excitement? All these are gifts. Faith is a gift. I didn’t know that. I have many gifts, some have grown over the last years, some have taken a back seat. Some gifts have been nurtured by people in my life.

I have many gifts. I have learned to acknowledge that I am not the norm. I can’t sing, play the drums, dance or even catch a ball with much grace. But I can be a great friend. I can get you excited or scared about something. I can welcome you into my home. I can do many other things.

I have had to accept that as much as I would like to be like everyone… I do sing 6th alto. I have had to learn that I am out of the box. AND it is OK. God made me this way for a reason. Liking myself has been a very long journey, one that I am still on.
But different can be cool. Unique is not so bad a thing.

When I started to accept myself, it was amazing to see thing from a whole new window. That is huge. How can I expect others to like me when I didn’t like me? I know it is something said for decades but I realized it to be true. I was giving out vibes that said…”Don’t look at me, I am not worth it.” And then that is how I was treated.

When I realized I am OK… everyone suddenly seemed to agree.

Talents and gifts. Think out of your box… you have plenty…. it is a great discovery. Just start searching!

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One Response to Talents

  1. a friend says:

    You write beatifully! I'd say that is another gift!!!
    I have read and enjoyed all of your stories!