Let’s Try This Again…

We’ve been jinxed!

Well, at least the last two times, we’ve attempted to go camping, something huge came up.  The first time was when my dad was really sick and I ended up in Tennessee for a week of craziness and he rose from the dead.  The second time was last year, the van packed, literally and we were all set… and Zachary ended up having  his appendix removed that day.

Jinxed.  Maybe.  I was so grateful to be in town when Zachary’s appendicits decided to turn ugly.  I was so glad that God was watching out for me… in the big plan.

Once again, I am planning to take the boys camping.  I am not really a outdoorsy kind of gal.  I need and prefer luxury accommodations, no bugs, not being hot or sticky or wet.  Yet… the times we have taken the boys camping, I loved the fact that they could play with sticks, stones, bugs and water.  I loved the idea of camping.

When we were at the Bay of Fundy, in the down pour, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for wading through the muck, tolerating the rains clouding my vision, all for a moment with my family.  Then I passed these folks, females, who must have been backpacking, all their belongings resting on their backs as they trudged through the woods, not seeming to be  discombobulated by the weather.  Did  they sleep in the rain?  Well, I know they probably had some funky tents that popped up and rolled up small to fit in their gear…

I had a thought…

Could I possibly be one of those kind of girls?  What do you wear?  Or pack?  I remember my brother going on a hiking trip of sorts and packing underwear telling me that real backpackers just turn their underwear inside out.  Is this true?  (My brother isn’t a real outdoorsy guy either, so they, whomever they was, could have been pulling his leg, but ewww).  I had this thought… how much would Sanj, who is a true outdoorsy guy, love me if I surprised him with a backpacking trip?

I could see myself with my hair braided, a cute little ball cap, some army fatigues, they would hide the dirt and look cool too, a few tee-shirts, definitely enough undies for every day, some cool hiking boots…  THIS would require a shopping expedition… lol  That wouldn’t make Sanj happy.  Maybe I should just see how camping by myself goes with the boys, first.

There is always retirement…

Last time we had the tents all set to go.  Sanj was coming to help me set up (for our safety) and then I would take it from there.  This time after a friend’s suggestion, I booked at yurt (a circular, domed, portable tent used by nomadic peoples of central Asia, that many parks offer). The rest I can do.  They have beds or imitation of beds, I’m sheltered.  It’s all good.  Sanj gets a few days away from us… which I know he really does appreciate, although it looks like Sammy may stick around, which may not be a break for Sanj! lol

(A yurt, not sure if mine will be as nice… but we’ll see).

So… I will be off, 3 nights… roughing it.  I am really excited.  I am trying to not think of the lack of luxuries, like a grocery store, or a washing machine.  I am trying not to think of being hot, sweaty, wet and eaten by the bugs that just love me.

I am focusing on the sticks my kids will chase each other with, the energy they are sure to expend at the beach, the yummy ridiculous amounts of marshmallows we will consume (a favorite of mine).  The delicious smells of the campfire in our hair, bedding and belongings.

I will pray for a big moon so that the darkness doesn’t freak me out.  OK, I’ll be sure to just take a LOT of batteries for my lantern.  I will pray that bears (are there really bears) will be busy forging in other places.

Camping.  OK… I know people do it all the time.  I want to be one of those people.  I want my boys to see me … as a strong woman that can do all that caveman stuff.


3 nights!

I can’t wait!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re a brave woman….unfortunately for me, I can’t part with my ammenities! The only thing that sounds appealing is finding the right outfit…LOL!

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