It’s Monday… but after an extra hour of sleep and a warm sunny day… it’s ok!

My hubby came home safe and sound.  Loved our new bedroom… I think that he like the fact that I got a new lock for our door even better (the one on there is broken).  lol

I have to admit, I feel like crawling back into bed… with my book that I never opened this week.  Yet I am in the middle of de-cluttering our house.  There is the desk in the family that has so much stuff on it, books, loose pieces of papers and just junk in general.  We are a family that seems to accumulate clutter very easily… simply because it’s easier to put in on the desk rather than the extra steps to the garbage. Sigh.  Oh well… with 8 bodies in this house, most of us are messy by nature, what I say?

Usually first thing in the morning, after I peep at the time with one eye, to see if I am lucky enough to squeeze in another hour of sleep or not (usually not)… I holler for Tyler and Sammy to jump in the shower and then check my email and Facebook.  Then I surf the MSN page for any interesting jibberish that might grab my attention.  Today there was this …

10 things that Men Admit They Lie About…

1)  Do I Look Fat? – If I am stupid enough to ask Sanj if I look fat… I deserve the lie.  I’m asking because I feel fat.  There is no way around that question… simply because if he ever said, “Yes, dear, you are looking fat…”  I’m seriously not sure what I would do!  (Well actually I would likely leave out chips and chocolate macadamian nuts which I know he can’t resist and cook his food in pure fat… for pay back).

2) I Don’t Enjoy Going To Strip Clubs…  As Sanj was getting ready, I asked him if he liked going to strip clubs… he looked startled at my question and did he’s laughing and answering… (a sure sign that he is uncomfortable… lol) “No, of course not.”  Hum… Just that he answered “of course not…” gave way to my pondering and of course I’m more amusing than any show… I’m sure! lol

3).  We’ll Talk About It Later… Now I am not sure that Sanj every really uses this… because, 1) I don’t usually drop things until I am satisfied  2) I don’t forget.

4).  You Remind Me of Jennifer Lopez…  No, that would so not work on me.

5.)  I Love Your Cooking… I doubt this is a lie… for the most part… because I know when I cook something yucky because I won’t eat it… plus I welcome him to cook any day.

6.)  I Don’t Think Of Other Women… I’d call him a liar than… as I think it is perfectly natural to notice others… just don’t ponder on it too much! 🙂

7.)  It’s OK, You Can Use My Razor… Now being married 17 years and counting, I know this is a lie!!! Actually Sanj never really offers his razor… and let’s me know it’s annoying.  (I do find men’s razors better than women’s, for some reason).

8).  I love Meg Ryan movies…  lol

9) I Love Spending Time with Your Mom… well, he enjoys her food… good enough.

10.)  I’m Sorry… Sanj wouldn’t say he’s sorry if he wasn’t.  At least not usually.

Yes, this was a foolish article.  Who writes them and gets paid???  Wish I could get a gig like that.

Happy Monday!

(Tomorrow, if your lucky… “10 Things Women Lie About”… lol)

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