The 11th day of the 11th month of the 2011th year is my Max’s 12th birthday!

Usually I refer to my Max as my sweet Max… and that sweetness is there… but with the impending teen years causing havoc on his hormones… this child of mine has changed alot in the last year.

He’s growing up.  He has lots of opinions that he will verbalize whether he is approached or not.  He is still very funny and random.  Random is a great word to describe Max right now as you never know what will come out of his mouth.

His locks of crazy curl hair just add to his quirky personality.  I  often wonder if he gets that genius gene that his dad has which would then describe his unique personality.

Today is also Rememberance Day… giving thanks to all the men and women who serve(d) our country in the fight for freedom and all things that makes us glad to live in this land of ours.  There is that two minutes of silence just before 11 a.m. as we pause and remember and reflect.

12 years ago, I was in our little house on Woodland Drive, 9 months pregnant, in my bedroom when the frightingly sharp pang rang through my body signalling the approaching of Sukumaran Baby #4 to makes his way into our lives.  I called Sanj at work… feeling a little panicked with the intensity of the contractions… never really wanting to experience a home birth myself.  Sanj, in his cute yet oh not funny way said, “It’s the 2 minutes of silence!  I didn’t laugh.  Actually I didn’t laugh for quite a few hours later.  Yet I can always remember going into labour with my Max.

Max has been a joy… especially because out of the six siblings, this child of mine is quieter, calmer and likes his time alone.  He is a very bright boy that is often forgetful… He truly is the child that if he head wasn’t attached… he’s forever forget it.

Max is opinionated.  He’s funny.  He’s easy-going… and doesn’t demand much… yet is quick to point out favoritism unless it is benefiting himself.  He is a child that can’t make up his mind when given a chance to pick out a toy at Toys R Us…

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